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The Anderson County Sportsman's Club is a private facility for use by it's members.  Membership is currently limited to 450 individuals and families per year.  Membership runs on a calendar year basis.


NRA membership is required at ACSC.  If you are not already a member, it will be added when you join.


Applications for membership are made available online and by mail beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving each year.  Any available memberships are chosen on a random basis on January 1st each year.  Get your application in early!


The Anderson County Sportsman's Club is a 501(c)7 non-profit, fully volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and the heritage of our state.


Our forefathers hunted this land and fished these waters in order to provide a better life for their families.  They were well aware of the bounty provided by the land and worked to preserve it for future generations.  Their firearms were their right hand; used to protect their families, provide food for their tables and sometimes even a little friendly competition to while away the time.  These rights remain our goal.


As NRA members, ACSC members advocate legislation that protect the right of our citizens to bear arms.  The 2nd Amendment is the most important, for only with it can all our other freedoms be upheld.


Through habitat improvements for small game, hunting and trapping to control herd populations and disease, clear water initiatives and invasive species control, the sportsmen and women of Kentucky are the protectors of the heritage of Kentucky.   ACSC volunteers advocate education and mentoring as a vital step in securing Kentucky's future.


KY Hunter Education, NRA Women on Target, and ACSC's Orion Youth Program provide educational opportunities in a classroom and range setting.  For those who want to venture into hunting or sport shooting, ACSC provides a mentoring program.  The youth hunter mentoring program is provided by a group of volunteer landowners, hunters and KY Dept of Fish and Wildlife personnel to take the youth from the classroom to the practical in a safe, supervised environment - creating future sportsmen and women for our state.


Keeping Kentucky for the Kentucky Sportsman.

Scott Hall

Kevin Bashman

John Wickhizer

Congratulations to our Sportsmen & Volunteers of the Year

Jack Boyd

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