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Club T-Shirts for Members

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Hello Everyone

I've had several request for a defensive pistol grunt style shirt. Below are the two images created by grunt style. One is gray with blue letters (for those who love UK colors) and the other is military green with black letters. Both shirts have an image on the back. These will be the only 2 color shirts offered this time around. Also, you can get this in a long sleeve t-shirt, women's T, and a hoodie. These are pre order shirts and we must have 50 total items submitted before they print. I will take orders until August 2nd and will be submitting it late Sunday night. We should have shirts sent to us by the end of August. You can pay me through PayPal ( or venmo (Jared-White-120). If you're not able to use one of the accounts you can mail me a check as long as it's received by August 1st. Once the shirts arrive I'll set up a day and time to pass them out, if you can't make it in person I can have them shipped to you as long as you cover the cost. Yes these shirts come with the beer guarantee. Prices and images are below, email me if you have any questions.


Jared White


T-Shirt Men’s and Women’s

Small – XL $23



XXXXL- $27


Long Sleeve

Small – XL $28.25

XXL- $30.25

XXXL- $31.25

XXXXL- $32.25



Small-XL $38.25


XXXL- $41.25


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