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Audio Clip of the sweeping of Boat Registration Funds

Critical funds are being swept away from the War on Carp. In the attached audio clip, you can hear Governor Beshear's Tourism Secretary discuss the sweeping of our Boat Registration Funds from Fish and Wildlife during a house subcommittee meeting.

In the Governor’s proposed budget, $11 million dollars from Boat Registration Funds are being taken away from their original purpose of fighting the War on Carp. These funds are vital to the War on Carp and I need your help.

Please contact the Governor, your state representative and state senator. We want, and need, the Governor's help in fighting the War on Carp. I invite Governor Beshear to Lyon County anytime to see why we need his help and need these state boat registration fees and federal dollars combined to win the war on carp! Special Thanks to Rep. Chris Freeland for helping us gain access to this recording! wade

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